Facebook now allows users to delete posts in bulk: How to use this feature

Facebook has introduced a new Manage Activity feature under the Activity log that allows users to see all the posts shared by them on the social media platform. Users can search posts, photos, videos using filters such as date, people, check-ins, text updates, etc to see specific posts from a person or topic. However, the most important feature of the Manage Activity tab is the ability to select multiple posts and delete them in bulk. As this makes it easier for them to curate their Facebook profile by deleting unwanted and embarrassing posts. Read along to see how this works:

Well, deleting posts is much better than deleting the entire Facebook account and the feature can come in handy if you want to clean junk from your Facebook profile without wasting much time.

Also, the feature is currently being rolled for Android and iOS devices and will be available on both Facebook app as well as Facebook Lite app.

  • Make sure to install the latest version of Facebook app
  • Facebook login credentials

Steps to delete bulk posts on Facebook

1. Open Facebook app on your smartphone

2. Open your profile by tapping on your Photo at the top left corner

3. Now, tap on Go to Activity Log button

If you cannot see that button, tap on three-dots and head to Activity Log.

4. Tap on Manage Activity option and choose the filter you want to apply to segregate other posts from the ones you want to delete

5. Now, select multiple posts by tapping on them

6. Now, tap on the Trash button if you want to delete them. Or choose Archive if you just want to hide these posts.

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