How To Delete Whatsapp Message For Everyone After 1 Hour


Imagine you send a message to a person and now you want to delete that message but its too late. So how you can delete that message after 1 hour? Here we have a simple and easy to do steps to delete whats app massage after an hour.

Millions of people use WhatsApp nowadays to share morning massage to personal and business information as well. But sometimes you send a wrong message to the wrong person if you don want to because of phone lag or your kids mistakenly send massage.

Sometimes you realize that you send the wrong message to the wrong person and you delete that message as soon as possible for everyone. But what if you realize that you send the wrong message after an hour or 2 hours. How you can delete that message? 

Follow the simple steps mentioned bellow:

Step by step Guide


1. Close your whats app from your task manager.

2. Now go to settings and turn on flight mode (Airplane Mode).

3. Now again go to the setting but this time go to date and time.

4. Change the date and time before you sand a massage.

5. Now got to whats app and delete that message.



After deleting that massage you can turn off flight mode and reset your date and time to normal.

For Video tutorials check this Video 



Hope you guys like this trick if you love this type of tips and tricks check out Tips and Tricks Section. I make this simple and short but works 100%.

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