Which Game to Play after PUBG Mobile Banned in India? [PUBG Alternatives]


PUBG is banned in India with other 117 Chinese apps. In the list of banned apps, there are so many popular apps available like Ride Out Heroes, Rules of Survival, Cyber Hunter, and others. All the fans of PUBG battle royale game are disappointed. The game created by Tencent games had 33 million users in India.

Soon, the game will be removed from Play Store and App Store and all of them who already have it in the device will not be able to play anymore. So, now what can you do? There are few other games which are allowed to play in India. So, if you want to play games, then check out similar games like PUBG. Here are a few options available to play games.

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Best games like PUBG Mobile

1. Call of Duty


One of the best replacement of PUBG Mobile is Call of Duty. In the FPS games genre, this game is the oldest franchises. The mobile version of Call of Duty is similar to PUBG Mobile and Fortnite game. On the battlefield, up to 100 players can jump with guns and characters. The graphics of the game are the best ones. On App Store, the royale game has 4.8 rating which needs 1.9GB space on your device. And on Google Play Store it has more than 100 million downloads with 4.5 ratings. Android smartphones need 1.5GB of space to download the game.


2. Garena Free fire

Garena Free Fire a battle royale game is getting updated regularly by the developers. It is a 10-minute survival shooter game and the player is on the island with 49 other players. Just like PUBG, you can land anywhere with a parachute. This game can be played solo or can make a squad of four players. The new update has brought new weapons in the game. On Google Play Store it is included in Editor’s choice with 4.1 ratings and has over 500 million downloads. The size of the game is 580MB for Android devices. And on Apple devices, it needs space of 1.4GB and has a rating of 4.


3. Fortnite

Fortnite and PUBG Mobile have a similar game theme. A hundred players are battling against each other to survive till the end. In Fortnite game, the players must build structures like ramps, ceilings, roofs, and doors. And Fortnite mobile players can compete with desktop players also. The game is developer by the American game developer Epic Games.


4. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

Hopeless Land game supports up to 121 players. The player can drive helicopter in the game. It is a very simple battle royale game. You can easily play this game as it doesn’t need any high-end gaming phone. On Google Play Store it has over 50 million downloads, with a rating of 3.9. It needs 346MB of space on Android. While on an iOS device is takes 487.2MB space and ratings are 3.9.

5. Battle Royale 3d – Warrior63

Battle Royale 3d game players get dropped and need to scavenge weapons to fight from the buildings. Just like PUBG you need to be safe from attack. There is a 4x4km map including Land, sea and mountains. On Google Play store it has over 1 million downloads with a rating of 3.9 and it needs 99MB space on Android. On Apple device, it takes 318.1 MB space.



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