Valorant getting Indian servers?


Indian Servers are on the way and will be up and running in two weeks


Indian players have been facing a lot of trouble playing Valorant which was launched previously this year its is a game which can be considered as the combination of two games among one of them reminds me of old school games i.e. Counter Strike: Global Offense, The other one is apex legends which was launched a Battle royal in previous years, here we have CS:GO like gameplay with special powers that we can see in Apex Legends, the main reason this game is gaining popularity in India is its basic specs required, it can run on a dual core processor with low FPS settings and can give best performance at i5 and above processors, Now if we talk about online multiplayer games there comes the issue of internet connectivity and servers reach time valorant, from past few months after ban of PUBG Mobile in India Game had started to get attention of the gamers but here comes the problem of Ping.


I have been playing this game from past few months earlier, most of the time I used to get South East Asia (SEA) players only so the ping issue was there, but later on after the ban of PUBG Mobile in India we are getting more Indian players but they all encounter the same Ping issue, the issue occurs due to two reasons i.e. ISP issue and the other one is server issue, Devs from Riot games the provider of the game Valorant got many complains on Reddit from India they in response thought the issue was from the particular ISP now, when they saw most of the players form India are getting the same Ping issue which led to loss in Ingame activity, the looked up into the issue and now in response ArmiesofZNight(Dev) said the following reason "When did you notice increased ping? Do you happen to know the day you noticed the increase? Do you happen to know which server shows up with the lowest ping for you (if you look in the custom game drop-down list)? Based on the ISP, I would guess Singapore, but want to be sure i'm checking the right routing." 


Incoming Valorant India servers in Mumbai will be solving the ping issue


Valorant SEA servers before or after the sudden ping issue did always give Indian players high latency no matter which part of the nation they were playing from.

And there has been some big news regarding the launch of the Indian Mumbai servers, as Riot Asia is finally testing the servers in the region. 

The servers did go live early in the morning today, but only for some time. The players were able to experience some never seen before latency numbers.

The ping seen by some Valorant players were incredibly low, and there was hardly anyone with above 60 latency, which is a first for the region. However, the servers are not yet fully live.


In a Reddit post by Heretmrwbig that reads, "Mumbai servers are now live!", ArmiesofZNight responds by saying:

The Indian servers are very likely to be up and running in 2 weeks' time, and it really does mean a lot for Valorant's competitive scene in the nation.

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