Artificial Intelligence and music creation: What is OpenAI’s Jukebox

OpenAI Jukebox

AI is seemingly taking over the world. From AI driven assistants to robots and android, Artificial Intelligence is the closest to a glance to future anyone would have imagined a few years ago.

Art however has has always been thought of as something that would never be perfectly taken over by computers. This however was a scene until a few years ago.

Recently, Open AI an organization that works on neural network and Artificial Intelligence started and got success in a project called "Juke Box". The project is an open source project, which means, you can go right now and get the scripts from GitHub and experiment with the project yourself and see how the above belief came to an end.

So what exactly is jukebox is? 

Well, jukebox is simply a script which is AI based and uses neural network to train itself according to the data given to it. To put it out in simple language. The software takes in a short demo of a song, as input. The duration of the demo/input track could be as short as 15 seconds or there about. The AI then magically trains itself and continues the input track by totally improvising ahead until infinity.

And there is literally no limit to this. It's not some small project that simply uses simple scales and improvise a piano or drum song. Jukebox has been successful in improvising vocals and lyrics, that sounds almost like the demo input track. Which means is we input a 15 second of Beatles song, the AI could potentially make an infinitely long Beatles song. 

Success So Far

As for today you can google the official website and try the demos made by jukebox. The lyrics improvised doesn't make much sense though, But the voice and melodies in the demos made by this AI trained software is mind blowing. The quality of the demo produced by jukebox is certainly like one of the original input track, but still the project is a success in itself.


Well, not to mention the project is yet in developing phase but if we as for now we talk about the present use, the project can be marvelously used to create new melodies for original songs by producers and songwriter.

And since it is AI, the result is certainly going to be unique every single time. As for the future, the project could literally be the entire music industry. Where songwriters and producers will only be dummies and artists could use the project to complete the small idea or demos they have written or created.


As for today(October, 2020) the project does not have a user interface. However, the source code can easily be downloaded and installed from GitHub, with a help of almost negligible knowledge in coding. 

Although, one thing to keep in mind is that, currently the project requires an extremely powerful GPU unit to run.

More information about how JUKEBOX works and demos can be found on the official website of openai/jukebox by a simple google search.

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