Fully-clothed avatars, no bloodshed, and more to expect from PUBG Mobile India



  • PUBG Mobile India is launching in India soon after the announcement.
  • The company has already released the first teaser of PUBG Mobile India.
  • PUBG Mobile India will bring several India-centric features.

PUBG Mobile India game is going to cheer up India’s gamers soon. The first teaser for PUBG Mobile India is already out featuring top players including Dynamo, which alludes to an imminent launch of the game. 

PUBG Corporation gave India’s gamer community the biggest Diwali gift by announcing that the favourite PUBG Mobile is coming back although in a new desi avatar. 

By desi, I mean the game has been heavily changed to accommodate elements that will not be frowned on. But among all these, there are three changes that, I think, are the biggest highlight.

Before I begin with how these three changes will be implemented, here is a backdrop of why these changes will exist in the first place. 

PUBG Corporation had to appease the government, concerned parents, and health experts who will otherwise criticise the game. There were several reasons that might have led to the ban of PUBG Mobile but the most marketed reason was data security. 

PUBG Corporation, after taking publishing rights away from Tencent Games, has found the discourse to get approvals for its battle royale game. So, let us talk about these changes now.

Fully-clothed avatars: Call it being sanskari, or whatever you might feel like calling it, PUBG Corporation is going for a fully Indianised version of its game. 

Normally, when a user starts a match, the avatar is half-naked, wearing only undergarments. Your character might be dressed in case you have attires in your collection but otherwise, these characters are not wearing clothes except for innerwear. 

The PUBG Mobile India will have this system changed. When you begin a match, your character will be fully dressed. What these dresses will be is not clear. Maybe there will be dhotis, kurta, sarees, and salwars for Indian players. I am not sure though.


No bloodshed: PUBG Mobile is meant for adults, or rather users who can stand bloodshed in the game. But with the increasing popularity underage users, who are not supposed to watch violence, began playing PUBG Mobile that features bloodshed as one of the main visual elements when you kill an enemy. 

To assuage the concerns people might have about the mature content, PUBG Corporation is replacing bloodshed. Instead of blood, the game will now show green liquid coming out when you kill an enemy. I am not sure whether the process of killing will be different, as well.


Restriction on game time: This could be the most important reason why banning PUBG Mobile became a huge deal for parents and medical experts. 

Indian users spent time on PUBG Mobile more than recommended. This would have a bad impact on the health of users. 

PUBG Corporation has worked towards minimizing the overuse with the new restriction feature that will remind users to stop playing the game after certain suggested duration. 

I am not sure if users could bypass this restriction easily or whether this would need some sort of password or authentication.

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