Google Cloud Gaming- no need to break into the bank for immense gaming experience

Google Cloud Gaming


Cloud recently announced the beta launch of Game Servers, a managed service that provides game developers with the usual backend services for running their games, including multi-player games, in the company’s cloud.

It’s worth stressing that these are not game streaming servers but solely meant to make it easier for game developers to build, scale and manage the backend services for their games.

The service sits on top of the Agones open-source game server, a project Google and Ubisoft first announced in 2018, and the Kubernetes container orchestration platform.

As Google Cloud product manager Scott Van Woudenberg told that the team is also reusing some parts of Anthos, Google’s service for managing multi-cloud Kubernetes clusters. 

And while Game Servers can currently only run on the Google Kubernetes  Engine, the plan is to allow for hybrid and multi-cloud support later this year.

Quite a few gaming companies have already built their own on-premises server fleets, so just like in the enterprise, having hybrid-cloud capabilities is a must-have for a tool like this. 

Google will also make it easy for developers who already use Agones outside of Game Servers today to bring those servers into the same managed Game Servers ecosystem by registering them with the Game Servers API.

As Van Woudenberg noted, virtually every game now needs some kind of cloud backend, be that for multi-player features, match-making or keeping persistent game stats, for example. That’s true for indie developers and major game studios. 

Game Servers, ideally, will make it easier for these companies to scale their clusters up and down as needed. Game Servers also provides for A/B testing and canary tests, and, in future updates, it will include integrations with the Open Match matchmaking framework.

To get started, developers still have to containerize their game servers. For those companies that already use Agones, that’s a pretty straightforward exercise, Van Woudenberg said. Others, though, need a bit more help with that, and Google is working with partners to walk them through this.

Is it available?

As for the availability is concerned. Google has already deployed the servers in various countries and has made the concept available for testing purposes. As for commercial use, the service will be available from November 19th, on it's launch.

What about India?

As for Indian, google claims to set up the servers for cloud gaming, the upcoming year for India.

Rumors have that google will initially set up test servers in India and according to the result of the testing phase, google will decide if or not India is 'ready' for the services. Reason being the huge amount of piracy and illegal online services exploited on daily basis here in the country.


As for now, google claims that you could get a $130 starter hardware kit with a three months of premium membership, after that it's just $10 per month.

Though there are no official statements regarding the pricing in India, it is being said that google will charge as much as a standard netflix membership for google cloud gaming.

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