How to use to get new stickers on Whatsapp has been one of the prime source to get fresh and new stickers for WhatsApp and a few other application for android devices. The app is famous for it's huge catalogue and ability to make custom stickers and add them and share with friends. 

In this blog, let us understand how to use it to add pre-existing and custom stickers from the enormous catalogue of


How to add stickers to Whatsapp

Go ahead to play store, search and download the app from there.

Once the app is installed, launch the app, and give it the required permissions.

You can browse through the vast catalogue if There are various groups of sticker packs, including trending, new, funny serious, character based etc.

If you want to add any sticker pack to WhatsApp, you can simply open the pack and choose the option "Add to WhatsApp".

As soon as you click the "Add to WhatsApp" button, the downloading process will start. When the downloading finishes, you'll see a notification about the same.

Now you can simply go ahead to WhatsApp and find the freshly added sticker ready to use.


How to add custom stickers to WhatsApp

Create your sticker in any photo editing software/application (picsart, adobe photoshop, etc) and save it in .png format.

Open the app and see click on the blue "+" (plus) button at the bottom of the screen

A new page "Create new sticker pack" opens.

Fill in the  "Pack name" and "Creator" and hit "create". 

A new page named as the pack name you entered earlier opens. '

Tap on the "+" button named as "add sticker" and select your previously made sticker from your device.

You will be presented with an editing screen with various editing options, where you can edit your stickers and add texts, cut it, crop it etc. Once done with the final editing hit "Save"

A pop-up window with your freshly made sticker will open up. Click on "add" with a whatsapp logo to add the sticker to whatsapp.

Now you can simply go ahead to WhatsApp and find the freshly added sticker ready to use.


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