PUBG Mobile India Pre-Registration Start, Register Yourself Now

It's been about two months government of India banned 118 Chinese apps along with the most popular game in India known as ‘PUBG MOBILE’. 

PUBG lovers were excitedly waiting for the return of the game.

PUBG Corporation announced that the PUBG Mobile is returning back in India with a new exclusive version for the region and since then, PUBG fans are eagerly waiting for the application to hit the official App stores. 

Apparently, PUBG Mobile India is already available under pre-register section on some third-party stores.

PUBG Mobile is coming back to India after 2 months. This return was one of the most awaited things by the mobile gaming community in India since PUBG Mobile was banned in India and the announcement finally ended the story of PUBG Mobile ban in India.

Since the news of return, players are keeping their eyes on the Google Play & Apple App stores to check when the game will return in India and while some hints pointed out that PUBG Mobile might return in India, the game is apparently available on Tap Tap store.

Tap Tap is a third-party application store for mobile devices and the app was famous since it provided many games without the regional barrier. 

PUBG Mobile India has somehow made its way on this website and it has created some confusion whether the posting is correct or not. 


PUBG Mobile India has not officially stated any publishing date for this game and hence, all the date and timelines are speculations so far. 

The Indian version of PUBG Mobile is added to the pre-register section on the store and hence, it is quite possible that the game has only been listed on the website and will be available after the official launch.

It can hence be concluded that this pre-register listing is similar to usual registrations and PUBG Mobile India is not out yet. PUBG Mobile India can be seen on Tap Tap once the game is officially released on the App stores.





On the 13th of November, PUBG mobile has officially made an announcement on its Instagram for the return of the game by the name PUBG Mobile India and this big news brought cheers to the game lovers.
This news brings a lot of happiness to the faces of these game lovers. The pre-registrations are now available on the TapTap and as soon as the game is available for download on the android stores it will send you the notification for download but you have to register yourself to get this notification.
Follow the steps given below to download the TapTap app:-
  • Download the TapTap APK file and install it on your device.
  • After Installation Login to your account or create your account.
  • Search for ‘ PUBG Mobile India ‘ in the search bar.
  • After search click on the first option and click for pre-registration.
  • As soon as the game is available you can get a notification to download.

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