Google rolls out feature to tackle misinformation about covid-19 vaccine


A lot of misinformation and viral claims about covid-19 a widely shared on social media platforms like Facebook Twitter and Google, since the pandemic broke out social media platforms eventually started bringing in measures to tackle the spread of misinformation.
Google has now ruled out a new feature for its users to prevent this information about vaccines and to help them find information about the availability of vaccines near user's location, Google new feature shows authorized vaccines available in the user's location and covid-19 vaccine options available in the locality when a user search is anything related to the covid-19 vaccine on Google the list of authorized vaccines available and information about the vaccines will pop up 
As of now Google feature has been launched only in the UK as it has begun vaccinating people with Faiza and bio antox covid-19 vaccine earlier this week, the UK approve the covid-19 vaccine and received 8 lakh doses of vaccine which is enough to vaccinate 4 lakh people the feature has been launched not only to customers information but to provide people with accurate information about covid-19 vaccine availability Google in its treatment said that it would introduce the new feature in more countries as other health authorities beginners arising vaccines in their countries covid-19 information panel countries, 
Google also said that "the covid-19 insulation panels launched on YouTube in March has received 400 billion views, making it authorities have information covid-19 information panel launched on YouTube featured on YouTube homepage and on videos and in search results about the pandemic".
But this is not the first time Google has taken steps to prevent inaccurate information from being spread about the candidate in July Google banned websites from running as about covid-19 that goes against scientific consensus in November point of fact checking Facebook and Twitter to prevent this information about covid-19 and vaccines that were under development Google and social media Giants like Facebook and Twitter fighting to prevent this information about covid-19.
Google also said that since the beginning of the pandemic it has given to 250 million dollar in AD revenues to over 100 government Agencies around the world to run Public Service announcements regarding covid-19 Google also has been updating its platforms with covid-19 related information from Government and health authorities like World Health Organisation Google also said that it could provide 1.5 million to fact-checking research and the creation of a hub for journal is to help them access scientific expertise and Research updates about vaccines

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