Careful! Instantly delete this app, otherwise your phone could be hacked

Careful! Instantly delete this app, otherwise your phone could be hacked

There are many such apps on the Google Play Store that work to steal users' data. Now security firm Trend Micro has found out about a similar app which has been downloaded from the Play Store at least a billion times. It is a popular file sharing app in which many flaws have been discovered and Trend Micro has advised not to use it.

According to the report of cyber security firm Trend Micro, users' private data can be leaked using the deficiencies found in this app. Let us know that this app has been banned in India and according to App Annie it was included in Shareit Globally 10 most downloaded apps in 2019. This means that the data of millions of people is at risk due to this app.


Hackers can misuse

A security researcher from Trend Micro said that he has found many flaws in SHAREit. With this, sensitive data of users can be leaked. With this, the code can be executed as per the desired code or app using malware. The cyber security firm has given this information to Google. However, no action has been taken on this app from Google yet.


Information given to SHAREit

Along with giving information to Google, the cyber security firm has also given information about this matter to SHAREit. But there is no response from the company so far. Let us tell you that after three months of research from the firm, this report has been revealed.


SHAREit takes this information of users

According to the Google Play Store Permission readout, SHAREit takes information about the user's phone storage and all media, camera, microphone and location. It can delete the app, run startup. Apart from this, along with creating an account and password, you can do many things. Along with this, this app also has full access to the network. Trend Micro says that hackers can easily steal private and sensitive data of users through this app.


This SHAREit is banned in India

This app has been installed more than one billion. In November 2020, the government had banned 57 other Chinese apps, including TicketLock, which also included the name of SHAREit. In such a situation, if a user is still using this app, then it can be very sensible to uninstall it. Instead of this app, you can use apps like Airdrop feature for iPhone, Wi-Fi Direct on Android phone, FilesGo.

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