How to talk in multiplayer games


Hi guys, as you may know now a days online gaming has become another common thing, so today we are going to explain you how you can talk to your friends while playing multiplayer games where you talk to other players online such as PUBG Mobile, Valorant, COD Mobile, Mini Militia and there are many more you can check it out here, but today we are going to talk about the communication issue with the friends while playing any of above mentioned multiplayer games.


Method 1: In Game voice key, Microphone or In Game Text

There are so many ways now a days let us first talk about in-game com system, in most of the games there are integrated key bind or some other way to communicate, in most of the games there are voice controls available there with text communications.

But there are some of the low budget games such as Mini Militia which does not support in-game voice there is only text chat available, and also with the ones with voice connectivity some time have the distortion issues, or ping issues.

To solve above problem we have another solution mentioned below

Method 2: Third Party App/ Software

We have had a solution above but it is volatile depends on what game are you playing so as to solve this issues we have so many third party apps and software's available for e.g. Discord, TeamSpeak3, Steam Chat. 

Most of these apps are available for web-app, iOS as well as android versions, as per our personal experience Discord is recommended for voice communication with friends while playing multiplayer games, Going by the numbers, Discord is by far the most loved free chat service for gamers. 

The app that allows players to chat with other members in their Discord group, through voice or even text chat. Players can create a server and invite friends. The service can be used directly on the web, or players can download the app.

Since it is available as a web service, players can quickly join servers, and begin communicating. Personally, I’ve used Discord quite a bit while playing CS: GO, and games like Fortnite, and most of the gamers depend on Discord to communicate during their PUBG matches. 

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